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Get Schooled: 10 Lessons from Entertainment’s Most Stylish Youth Style:

Just because they’re young doesn’t mean they’re a mess. Learn some style tips—and avoid childish mistakes—by taking notes from Justin Bieber, Taylor Lautner, and the rest of the gang.

1. Justin Bieber
Age: 17

Go Back to Basics. Sure, Bieber’s fashion sense skews safe—American Apparel hoodies, basic black, and immovable Ken doll hair. But for a Canadian, his adherence to All-American style is admirable. Ladies love a clean slate. And Biebs shows that a simple tee or cotton pink cardigan with slim-fit jeans can pop subtly. Just say never to purple hoodie

2. Diggy Simmons
Age: 16

Focus on Cut. Adidas and baggy pants may have been Rev Run’s gear of choice. But Diggy Simmons didn’t inherit his dad’s jeans. A sucker for bow ties and preppy sweaters, the dapper rapper opts for hipster-snug denim. Loosen up yours a bit, but mimic his tailored tops and streamlined blazers. Rocking out to “My Adidas” is optional.

3. Nick Jonas
Age: 18

Color Coordinate. You’d rather wedgie your little bro than cop his style, right? No need to step out in matching outfits—that’s so…2000 and never. But feel free to jack the Jonas young’n’s knack for mixing complementary separates (think crisp button-ups and formal wear) that blend as smoothly as a cheesy pop song.

4. Jaden Smith
Age: 13

Experiment with Prints. Make no mistake: Jaden Smith stunts like his daddy. Also, he has no problem looking crazy. Will Smith’s seed has pounced on everything from a snakeskin vest to Bowser-esque studs to tiger print pants with a burgundy-and-camel leather varsity. Edgy prints make a statement. But don’t go too daredevil. Letting your outfit unleash the dragon won’t always work for adults.

5. Taylor Lautner
Age: 19

Add Layers. Taylor Lautner screams (howls?) effortless cool. The leather-obsessed Twilight star/wolf knows the right hoodie, well-worn jeans, and grungy shoes can say, “Look, I’m not trying that hard. But still look…” Take a hint from Lautner and layer cardigans and vests with your bad-boy ensemble. Leave enough time to practice your smoldering look in the mirror.

Angelina and Brad Pitt's Kid

6. Maddox Jolie-Pitt
Age: 9

Color Outside the Box. Instead of wearing overalls and munching on Oscar Meyer like a normal 10 year-old, Maddox goes the rebel route. While we can’t endorse sporting a blue Mohawk or camo pants on repeat, you can steal his scarf-and-fedora matchup and laissez-faire attitude.

7. Kingston Rossdale
Age: 5

Don’t Go Full Gaga. Striped leggings. Leather vest. Patchwork jeans. No oddball fashion is off limits for the rock star son of Gwen and Gavin. He’d rock an André Leon Talley smock and think nothing of it. For you, the trick is pairing these standout pieces with something simpler.

8. Lil Twist
Age: 18

Accessorize with Caution. Unless you’re Mr. T, multiple bling is unacceptable. See: Lil Wayne’s protégé (and Bieber’s buddy), rapper Lil Twist. When you’re decked out in “reading” glasses, a watch, and 15 chains, taking one item off before leaving the crib won’t cut it. Scale back by opting for one signature piece.

9. Brooklyn Beckham
Age: 12

Get Messy.Being a perfectionist is good for work, not for your outfit. Make like Victoria and David Beckham’s firstborn and practice the art of being neatly disheveled. Untuck a shirttail, forget to iron a tee, wear dirty Converse All Stars, and make it all look like it’s by accident.

10. Cody Simpson
Age: 14

Put Your Feet First. Instead of treating his shoes as an afterthought, Cody Simpson considers color and shape chicken soup for his soles. The Aussie pop star pairs royal blue kicks with a simple black-and-white get-up or grey dress shoes with a laid-back black-and-red ensemble. There are limits. But look at your feet and take advantage of what ROYGBIV has to offer.

Photos by: Getty Images and Rafaeollo Myles

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